Superman Punches Silver Screen

The last time the Man of Steel actually got into fisticuffs on film was in 1987’s Superman IV, which apart from the nuclear disarmament story had Christopher Reeve’s Superman battling Nuclear Man. What a disappointment that was.

So far, the best superhero fight – ever – is in Superman II, with Supes up against 3 Kryptonians in the middle of Metropolis. It goes for something crazy like 14 minutes, has great moments all in an era of pre-CGI, including bus throwing and billboard exploding, and awesome lines such as Superman’s “Care to step outside, general?” and Ursa remarking that that Kal-El’s weakness is that he cares for humans, “like pets.”

Thankfully Zack Snyder, the director of 300 and Watchmen, and the man behind the reboot lets SFX magazine in on a secret of sorts – that his Superman will be an action man. It’s expected, because that’s the kind of director he is, but it’s a relief to hear it.

And just how will Snyder’s Superman differ from previous incarnations of the character? The filmmaker’s tight-lipped but hints at what we can expect from someone whose visions are, more often than not, visceral.

“I can’t really talk about that without being kind of specific,” says Snyder. “But I can say I think Superman needs to be physical.”


Take that, Brainiac!

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  1. Hope this movie turns out to be good… I did not enjoy Superman Returns…

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