Robert Venditti Is Everywhere

Not surprisingly, Robert Venditti is a popular guy these days. The film based on the writer’s first work, Surrogates is out now starring Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames. The Surrogates is a great book from Top Shelf, and the prequel, Flesh and Bone was also released recently. The Surroagtes’ future tale tells of a world where everyone lives vicariously through robotic avatars, and daily face to face interactions with actual people are rare. Yes, it explores some deep themes but in a mature, cop tale way. Venditti’s tale itself is an interesting one. You can read all about his rise from non-comics reader to mailroom worker to Hollywood visitor in these interviews with Broken Frontier, CBR and Newsarama. At the latter you can also read the first full issue of the series by Venditti and artist Brett Weldele for free.

Surrogates Film Poster

The Surrogates Trailer

Top Shelf’s excellent mini-series, Surrogates is now a film. The five issue mini-series was released in 2004 and 05, by first-time writer Robert Venditii (who used to work in Top Shelf’s mailroom) and artist Brett Weldele. The prequel from the same creators, titled Flesh and Bone is released in July, while the film follows in late September. You can get a feel for the movie by watching the new trailer below. It looks quite classy and perhaps more slick and action driven than its inspiration, and also appears to wear its I, Robot visuals on its sleeve, but that’s not a bad thing. You can see a preview of the comic, which is being released in new editions in July, here.

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