Grant Morrison Documentary Trailer

I think anyone who’s ever read an interview with Morrison where he discusses anything other than the usually awesome comics he writes (JLA, WE3…) understands that the Scottish scribe is..umm..interesting. Now the proactive team behind Respect! Films, and Sequart are making a documentary on the man himself (complete with handy subtitles). It’s not out until next year, but until then, feast your eyes and expand your mind, with this trailer.


  1. Cool. I’ve always liked Sequart, even though there website has been down for something close to a year now???

    Looks cool. I had no idea he sounded just like Billy Connolly…

  2. He does, doesn’t he? That’s what I thought too.

  3. Hi! Thanks for mentioning the doc. As a producer on the project, I’m excited about where it’s going. You might have seen that we have a new trailer up. You can check it out at
    I thought you might also be interested in a webseries that Respect Films is producing called The Third Age. It’s something of a psychedelic sci-fi, and is largely influenced by Morrison’s work. It definitely has some magical elements that are an important part of the show. You can see all the episodes at
    Would love to hear what you think.

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