WAICON Almost Here

When I went to the first Supanova event back in July last year, which was the first time in Perth, Western Australia, I was impressed with the turnout. Lots of kids running around in manga and anime costumes impressed me. So there’ll surely be more where that came from at WAICON. Perth’s major anime festival has been around for a while now and this year it’ll be held at the Perth Convention Centre on the weekend of January 31 to February 1. Some of the panels include World of Warcraft miniatures, the obligatory Cosplay, webcomics and how to draw manga. There’s also competitions, lots of stalls and new friends just waiting for you! The 2 day passes range from $25 to $40 which you can pick up at the door. For more info, go here.


Hulk Vs Concept Art

6624new_storyimage2122420_fullLike Hulk? What about Thor? How do you feel about Wolverine? If you’re fond of those three Marvel superheroes, then the Hulk Vs DVD is for you. Being released on January 27, the animated film is made up of two features, where Bruce Banner’s alter ego battles the norse god Thor and the popular X-Man Wolverine. Marvel has just released some great concept sketches of the film, including some from Jeff Matsuda, art director on the recent The Batman cartoon.

For more info on the DVD and it’s new-fan friendly features, go here, and for more art take a gander below, or go here.