DC Is Cool

dc25finalcrisis6Here are my favourite moments from my DC reading this week, in no particular order.

From Birds of Prey #126. The artist’s name – Claude St. Aubin. If that’s his real name, that’s even cooler.

From Robin #182. The current Robin, Tim Drake, goes to visit his resurrected predecessor, Jason Todd, in Blackgate prison. Todd laments that he won’t be out for another five years. Then Tim decides to give Jason one more chance, and repeats a top secret code. “Emergency Override: M-Z-9-22-Omega. Say it at midnight. One time only. And hold your breath.” Turns out it’s a hacked code for the Justice League teleporter.

Final Crisis #6. This confusing series finally starts to be an exciting epic. In the final pages, Batman shoots Darkseid with a cosmic gun, but becomes toast himself due to Darkseid’s inescapable Omega Beams. A wrathful Superman shows up, literally tearing up the streets, with a smoldering Batman corpse in his hands. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him.

Superman Beyond #2. I love Doug Mahnke’s art in this Final Crisis tie-in, complete with 3-D effects! Superman uses his heat vision to engrave his future tombstone. On the last page, we see what he wrote. Tying in to the mini-series’ theme of story, Supes writes three simple but powerful words: To Be Continued. Ah, classic.

Next month will be the last issues of Birds of Prey, Robin and Nightwing, but spectacular things are about to happen with Batman and co. Stay tuned.