Gestalt Comics Sale


WaldoLocal (to me, anyway) Aussie publisher, Gestalt Comics are having a sale on their original graphic novels. It includes their entire range of unique books. Admittedly its only 3 books but they’re pretty different, and a bargain, as they start at only $10!

The sale has been extended until the end of January, so go here for the list and also previews of the great artwork. Gestalt will be a publisher to keep an eye on, with some interesting stuff in the works for 2009.

Read Hexed #1 For Free

I read BOOM!’s new series, Hexed about female magician/thief named Luci recently  and really enjoyed it. Delightful art, an interesting Buffy-like protagonist and an engrossing story. It’s a great comic really – for fanboys and newbies alike. BOOM! believe it is too and now you can read the whole issue for free at MySpace. No questions asked. My review of the ish is here if you need further convincing, but trust me – take advantage of this opportunity.