Reviews Galore

10688_180x270I’ve come to realise that over the last 18 months, but the last year in particular, I was very busy. In a good way. Going to bed two hours later than my usual time, but being creatively busy, means that I’m surprisingly not tired. Because of my constant writing for Sight, Broken Frontier, this little blog, and now Extra Sequential, I’ve come to realise how much I actually achieved in 2008. An average of a new review every day, and a new interview or article every month. Wow. ¬†That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Of course all it costs me is my time at this stage, but it would be great to be a professional blogger type guy one day.¬†

Anyway, to kick off the New Year my favourite line from 2008 would have to be from DC’s Secret Six #4. Batman bad guy Bane is asked what he benchpresses, and he replies, “Costumed detectives mostly.” Classic. Here’s a preview of the ish here.