Lotsa Stuff

batmanbraveboldint1_0109I’ve been busy this week over at Broken Frontier. There’s my review of Top Cow’s Witchblade #123, which is another excellent offering from Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic. This has been a great series as of late. I’m so glad I’ve been reading it.

There’s also my interview with writer Marc Andreyko on the end of his Manhunter series that has had a four year run at DC. He talks about Green Lantern’s son being gay, the need for more advertising and what writing one title for four years actually feels like. 

There’s also my interview with writer Matt Wayne, who has written a host of cartoons, including the positively awesome Justice League unlimited, Spectacular Spider-Man and Ben 10: Alien Force. He’s not too shabby at comics writing either and is doing so for the new tie-in to Batman’s latest cartoon series,  The Brave and the Bold. This is a more family friendly version, but it looks like fun, with some unusual frequent guest stars, such as the new Blue Beetle and the classic Green Arrow.