The Return of Quality

dsc04691Just before Christmas, I posted that one of my fave comic shops was closing down, due to an increase in rent, and a disinterest in the then owners. However, it’s now back. It’s heroic return was always up in the air, as a few interested parties put up their hands.

Displaying a “Under New Management” sign, Keith, a Quality Comics employee for about 2 years has now taken it over with a mate of his, and a few of the old employees are still there. This is good news. They have prime real estate in the centre of Perth on a very busy street. However, most people don’t know they exist, due to lack of advertising and a downstairs location. Keith knows what went wrong and knows what must be done. Sure, they’ve lost a few customers in the interim, but I recommend popping back in if you used to frequent there, or would like to see some impressive stock. Saying that, new stock is trickling in, and will come into full effect next month. They’re at 872 Hay Street, Perth, BTW. Check them out. They have something for everyone really.


Oh Happy Day

es-flyer-page-1-copyI received two special deliveries this morning. One was for 500 A5 size flyers from the handy printer right next to work, for promos for the first issue of Extra Sequential, my new free on-line comics mag. They look good, I gotta say. Not that I can take any credit for that really.

The other delivery was from HERO, the organisation that helps comic book creators in need. When this box from the US arrived with “Priority Mail” stamped on it, of course, I got a few questions. Explaining that it was from a charity that helps comic artists who can’t make a living anymore just made it sound more amusing than I intended.  

Inside was a sketch card, from Bob Hall, if I make out the signature correctly. Never heard of him either, but he draws a mean vampire! I also got  a large (the smallest size!) t-shirt with a Jack Kirby inspired hand stretching out on it, a Marvel Then & Now DVD, which I’ve wanted to watch for along time,(It has Stan Lee, Joe Quesada and Kevin Smith chatting about comics – that’s  a good night in for me), plus a bumper sticker (“I beat Professor X at chess”), a thank you letter, a card, a X-Men #500 (I think) Free Comic Book Day issue, and The Unusual Suspects OGN. That looks like  a good read actually. Written by Dan Wickline and produced by Top Cow it’s an anthology by 16 different artists set in the mind of a demented writer imaging every genre…imaginable. Not a bad day really. I suggest signing up with HERO actually. It’s for a good cause, especially if you’ve been reading comics for a while and understand that creators these days have it a lot easier, and financially somewhat safer, than those from decades ago. There’s Bronze, Silver (which I chose), Gold and Excelsior! memberships available, all with different goodies. Go here to check them out.