Spewing Bile

Or something. In this week’s issue of Batman, Dick Grayson (who won’t be Batman come September, due to the relaunch) hits one of Riddler’s goons in the gut, after descending upon Enigma (Riddler’s daughter). Bats mentions that she doesn’t like to get her hands dirty, “or should I say, bloody?” I must say, Tony Daniel has come a long way as both a writer and an artist on this title, but this panel seems a little…off.

The assumption is that the henchman (who has it bad enough, with the bowler hat/ tutrtleneck combo) is spewing blood. If he is though, that’s an awful lot of blood from one Bat punch to the gut. Of course, it’s the wrong colour to be “bloody” but maybe no-one told colourist Ian Hannin, or in fact, they did, as it was perhaps too gross for a comic without a “mature readers” tag on it and he had to make it brown. I doubt that though.

I like to think that this goon was enjoying a nice, thick chocolate milkshake before Batman jumped through the skylight and ruined his day.

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  1. How about a little bile stew? Actually that punch doesn’t even look that serious…what a wimp.

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