Pretty Pics

Because the inter-web is chock full of pop culture pearls, here’s a look at a this week’s pictures. First up is the cover of Gigantic #1 from Dark Horse, who have this to say about the November launching 5 issue mini-series:  It was a beautiful spring day in downtown San Francisco before a gigantic armored alien appeared from out of nowhere and began smashing things all to hell! Who is this invader? Why is he being attacked by strange alien beings? And why is he so GIGANTIC? A twist on The Truman Show, Gigantic focuses on a brainwashed, alien superhero deposited on Earth to be the spotlight of an intrusive, around-the-clock television program being filmed without his knowledge.

Critically acclaimed writer Rick Remender (Fear Agent, The End League) teams up with groundbreaking artist Eric Nguyen (X-Men, Sandman) in the merging of big, visually exciting art with a story examining America’s consumer-based culture.

Sci-fi thrills and superhero action from the one and only Rick Remender!

This is the cover to the third part of the awesome Braniac storyline currently running in Action Comics, by the always reliable Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. #868 is out tomorrow.

The last two are covers from Marvel, namely this week’s Captain Britain & MI 13 #4, and the second printing variant cover of Hulk #5, featuring the Thortastic art of Ed McGuiness.

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