Marvel Pics (& News) Galore

Over at the always informative MySpace ComicBooks  (become their friend! They’re lonely and in desperate need of companionship) you can check out a free issue of The Luna Bros’ new series, The Sword, and check out the trailer for novelist/comics scribe (Identity Crisis)  Brad Meltzer’s new book, The Book of Lies. Lies is an intriguing tale, which weaves humanity’s first murder, (when Cain killed his brother Abel in the Old Testament) with the little-known story of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel’s father’s unsolved murder.

Marvel head honcho, Joe Quesada also continues answering fans burning questions about Spider-Man’s New Ways to Die story arc, and the new DVD toon, Next Avengers, which centres on the kids of Captain America and his fellow Avengers teaming up with an ageing Hulk and Tony Stark (Iron Man) to take down the future Ultron.

A good starting point, though it may be too kiddie for hardcore Marvel zombies.

TwoMorrows Sale

I’ve picked up a few nifty items from these guys in the past. They have a wide selection of books and mags catering to the fan of comic book history, specifically stuff from the 1970s and 80s. And now they have a sale on! Woo hoo! The largest sale in their 15 year existence, in fact, including $2 magazines and 50% off books and DVDs, as part of a “Back-To-School Blowout” sale, now through September 30, 2008. You can check out the full list below, or grab further details at their official site. While you’re there, you may also like to download a few free PDFs, including the art lesson mag Comics 101, film and TV adaptation mag Comics Go Hollywood, or the Lego fan mag, Brick Journal #9.
The “Back-To-School Blowout” sale features all in-stock issues of Rough Stuff, Write Now, and Comic Book Artist, plus other miscellaneous magazines, for only $2 each. It also features more than 25 of the company’s acclaimed book and DVD titles at 50% off cover price, including several “Companion”, “Artist”, “Comics History”, and “How-To” titles. 
This sale is only valid for orders placed at through the end of September, and does not include shipping costs. Special categories atop the TwoMorrows’ home page link directly to the magazines and books on sale.
The complete list of sale items includes:
$2 magazines:
Rough Stuff #1-9 (edited by Bob McLeod)
Write Now #1-18 (edited by Danny Fingeroth)
Comic Book Artist (all in-stock issues) (edited by Jon B. Cooke)
Comic Book Nerd (by Pete Von Sholly)
Crazy Hip Groovy Go-Go Way Out Monsters #29 and #32 (by Pete Von Sholly)
Wallace Wood Checklist (edited by Bhob Stewart)
50% Off Books & DVDs:
Alter Ego Collection Volume One (by Roy Thomas)
Alter Ego: The Best of the Legendary Comics Fanzine (by Roy Thomas and Bill Schelly)
Best of the Legion Outpost (by Glen Cadigan)
Best of Write Now (by Danny Fingeroth)
Blue Beetle Companion (by Christopher Irving)
Brush Strokes With Greatness: The Life & Art of Joe Sinnott (by Tim Lasiuta)
Comic Book Artist Collection – Volume 3 (by Jon B. Cooke)
Comic Books And Other Necessities of Life (by Mark Evanier)
Comics Above Ground (by Durwin Talon)
Comics Gone Ape! (by Michael Eury)
Comics Introspective: Peter Bagge (by Christopher Irving)
Dick Giordano: Changing Comics One Day At A Time (by Michael Eury)
G-Force: Animated (by George Khoury and Jason Hofius)
I Have To Live With This Guy! (by Blake Bell)
Image Comics: The Road To Independence (by George Khoury)
John Romita… And All That Jazz (by Roy Thomas and Jim Amash)
Modern Masters: In The Studio with George Perez DVD
Modern Masters: In The Studio with Michael Golden DVD
Mr. Monster – Volume 0 (by Michael T. Gilbert)
Secrets in the Shadows: The Art & Life of Gene Colan (by Tom Field)
Streetwise (edited by Jon B. Cooke and John Morrow)
Superheroes In My Pants (by Mark Evanier)
The Art of George Tuska (by Dewey Cassell)
THUNDER Agents Companion (by Jon B. Cooke)
True Brit (by George Khoury)
Wertham Was Right! (by Mark Evanier)
Since 1994, TwoMorrows has been celebrating the art and history of comics through their magazine and book publications, and is preparing for its 15th anniversary celebration in 2009.