Mighty Marvel Muggs

Who ever thought a biker with a flaming head, and a devourer of worlds could look so cute? I saw these in the display at Comic-Con and wanted every single one of them. Considering I’m mainly a DC devotee, that just goes to show you how adorable they are. These unique Mighty Muggs from Hasbro have limited articulation, and some come with character specific accessories. I picked up the Con exclusive Peter Parker/Spider-Man one and now it makes all the girls swoon. You can check out the larger range here of these arty interpretations, and sample some of my faves from the new wave below.

Just try and resist, I dare you, as you park your peepers on Captain America, Ghost Rider, Thor, Wolverine and Venom.

Robert Luedke Interview

I met Robert at Comic-Con, where he preached at the CCAS Sunday service and did an inspiring job. My interview with the creator of the Eye Witness series of graphic novels is now up at Sight here. The EW books are unique in that they present a modern adventure tale, while similarly exploring the roots of Christianity through tales from the Bible. Great to look at, powerful and encouraging, they are a great resource for the interested Christian and/or comic book fan, with plenty of political espionage and military conspiracies thrown in for good measure.

The third book, Rise of the Apostle has just been released and looks at the life of that crazy man of God, Paul. It comes in at 96 pages, from Head Press Publishing, and is available for purchase here.