Justice League Film?

When I first heard about the Justice League film I was excited like most fan boys. Then I learned it was to be helmed by director George Miller (Happy Feet) and would star a bunch of almost unknown actors. As I then reflected upon Warner Bros. history of screen adaptations of their DC heroes (Catwoman) I prayed that the JLA film would never be made. With the writer’s strike, it’s all been up in the air anyway, but Variety has an interview with DC VP Gregory Noveck and WB dude Jeff Robinov regarding this potentially awesome/potentially disastrous film. In their words:

Either way, there’s no question Warner Bros. will produce more superhero pics. The question is when.

“These are big, iconic characters,” Noveck says. “So when you make them into a movie, you’d better be shooting for a pretty high standard. You’re not always going to reach it, but you have to be shooting for it. We’re going to make a Justice League movie, whether it’s now or 10 years from now. But we’re not going to do it and Warners is not going to do it until we know it’s right.”

At least they’re smart enough to know not to rush it. Marvel will surely beat them with Avengers in 2011 anyway, but us DC fans know how to be patient.

Justice League On Film

Flash Gordon

Not to be confused with the DC Comics character who runs fast and wears a red costume, (that’s The Flash), Flash Gordon is the creation of comic strip artist, Alex Raymond. Conceived by Raymond in 1934, the character went on to star in three film serials in the 1930s and 40s, a TV series in the 50s, (and a recent, unpopular version) with a few cartoons along the way too. For many pop culture lovers (including painter Alex Ross), and Gen-Xers however, Flash’s most well loved incarnation would have to be the 1980 film. Who could forget Queen’s awesome theme song, the garish costumes, winged warriors, evil Timothy Dalton and a bald Max Von Sydow as Ming the Merciless? High camp has never been so much fun! CBR has a great round table discussion with the original creators and cast, involving the Star Wars inspiration, the film’s limited American success, and chasing dwarves around on set. Let the nostalgia wash over you. And while you’re reminiscing about awesome 80s films that flew under the radar, check out Krull from your local high quality DVD purveyor. Like Flash Gordon, it’s a film with fantasy and sci-fi elements, swash buckling and derring do, but Krull is much darker, with surprising deaths throughout. Check out the trailer below to either refresh your memory, or be introduced to another classic.