Pretty Pics

Here’s a look at some snazzy artwork from Marvel. First up is a text-free gander at the cover and the first 3 pages of Mighty Avengers #18, a look back at the disappearance of the eye-patch wearer himself, Nick Fury, as he begins training his Secret Warriors for the Skrull Invasion. This tie-in to the colossal Secret Invasion storyline is written by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Stefan Caselli, with a cover by Marko Djurdjevic. Mighty Avengers #18 goes on sale on September 17.

Secondly, there’;s the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #569, the second part of the New Ways To Die storyline, and the first appearance of the Anti-Venom. It’s written by Dan Slott and pencilled by John Romita Jr. The Adi Granov villain close-up is the variant cover and is on sale now.

Captain Kung-Fu

This is what has kept me busy over the last few weeks. Made for a church anniversary, it screened last weekend. Because of YouTube’s 10 minute limit, I had to cut off the stuff at the end which made it make sense in a church context. (It was basically mentioning that Jesus is the ultimate superhero – even though he doesn’t have a costume)

It was a blast to make, and I have a lot of extra footage, which will become the basis for an extended edition, but that’s a few months away yet. For now, enjoy this short mockumentary and behold the dodgy wigs, razor sharp wit and nonsensical ramblings of Captain Kung-Fu.