Dr. Professor’s Thesis of Evil

Now if that title doesn’t grab you, check this out.

That great trailer is for a film, or rather a “motion novel” project that looks like a labour of love. This is how the film makers describe the concept, plus its unique technological approach.

Thesis of Evil is a story of Dr. Professor, the most successful super villain of his time. In a time where super villains are more celebrated than heroes, doing evil has become a huge business. And where there is money, there are always the men in suits pushing paperwork and schedules. Dr Professor finds himself not to be the one in control of his own evildoing.

A dark comedy set in the world of superheroes, gigantic mutant koalas and death rays.

The movie will set a corner stone in the new world of original motion novels, a fascinating combination of photography, 3D graphics and animation.

If we had to compare motion novel to another technique, the closest would probably be motion comics. Example: Marvel’s Astonishing X-Men . It’s been mostly used by larger comic publishers to bring animated versions of their previously released comics to the internet generation. Many of the motion comics have been tie-ins to film, comic or game franchises.

The difference between motion comics and the motion novel is that the motion novel is a completely original piece of work based on a new concept. Motion novel has a strong emphasis on story and very distinctive visuals.

I really hope it gets a DVD release here in Oz and it looks stupendous so far. Find out more about the project here.

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