Craig Thompson’s Habibi on September 20

The creator of that marvellous tome, 2003’s Blankets, Craig Thompson is readying his new project, Habibi. It lands on September 20. Yes, it’s been a while between drinks but anyone who’s seen the intricate style (in both art and story) of Blankets knows that his time consuming renderings are worth the wait. The 672 page book will be published by Pantheon and feature clothbound hard cover with stamped gold foil. The big pic below is the final cover, and next to it are some that didn’t make the cut.

For me, (and many, many others) Blankets was a real eye opener and revealed to me the wonder of non-superhero comics. I have lent it, bought it and recommended it to many non-comics readers in the years since, and will surely do the same with Habibi.


  1. Now that Habibi’s finally out, I’m actually curious as to what you thought of it! Looking forward to any sort of review you would give of it.

    • Cool. It’s been sitting on my to review pile since it came out, and with the long weekend coming here in Oz, hopefully I’ll finally get to it. So far, it looks gorgeous, unsurprisingly.

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