Doctor Who For Newbies

Spinoff Online has a great article, entitled How To Start Watching Doctor Who. That tells you what the article is all about right there. It’s short enough for a quick read and will get you up to speed before launching into the long running British sci-fi series. I’ve watched very few episodes, but just watched the two part The End of Time story line, which saw baby faced David Tennant become current Doc incarnation Matt Smith in his final, dying moments. It seemed to me very comic like in its storytelling approach, with breakneck pace, end of the world shenanigans, and great interplay between various human and non-human life forms. No spandex, to be sure, but it felt kind of like Brian Michael Bendis’ approach to Avengers, just with a tad more sentimentality.

I might have to start hiring previous Doctor Who seasons now.

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