Superman is Back (and Front and Centre)

DC Comics have rejigged their website somewhat and their blog, The Source has has a generous few days focused on Superman.

The final season of Smallville premieres on Jan 29. This teaser image shows the Superman Returns (ugh) symbol and yay, look at that reflection at Tom Welling’s feet!

Action Comics #896 has just been released, which means Action Comics #900 is just 4 months away, and it’s bringing Superman back to the title in which he belongs, as this David Finch cover shows. Here’s what The Source say:

Superman versus (I’ll argue) his greatest villain. How much more apropos can you get for a landmark cover to Action Comics?

But wait – there’s more! In addition to a 50-page lead story by the team that’s been punching this book out of the park for for the last ten issues, Paul Cornell and Pete Woods, the oversized 900th issue will also feature short stories by some very exciting names to be announced soon.

The long awaited DC Universe Online game is so close and next month a tie-in comic will be launched. Here’s a comic preview and here’s that awesome trailer again.

And heads up, PlayStation 3 fans: we’ve been giving away PS3 beta codes from the DC_Nation twitter feed and our Facebook fan pages all week, and will be giving away more today. So if you haven’t already, friend us, follow us, fan us and what have you and keep a sharp eye out for those codes to get an early peek at the game.

DC Universe Online will be available for the PC and PlayStation 3 next Tuesday, 1/11/11.

The first issue of DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS hits comic shops in February, and will be available digitally day-and-date for the PSP and at the DC Digital Comics Store.

Lastly, here’s a pic of the Feb 22 releasing animated All Star Superman film, based on the Grant Morriosn and Frank Quitely series.

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