Una Nemo In Batman And Robin

OK, spoilers ahead, though if you haven’t read Batman and Robin #17 yet, you should. It’s been out for a week after all. Anyway, this is the first issue since writer Grant Morrison left to focus on the excellent Batman Incorporated. By Paul Cornell and Scott McDaniel it’s a return to fun, mystery and those intriguing and scary moments that the best Batman comics do so well. The last page, shown below, is the debut of a new villain, or villainess called Uno Nemo. Not related to Finding, I assume the name will mean something, but she has an interesting feature, or lack thereof. Where she keeps her brain, who knows? Maybe she’s an android. She does remind me of Dudley Soames, a crooked cop in Nightwing’s solo series back in the day who had has head twisted around 180 degrees by Blockbuster, survived, changed his name to Torque and went about his criminal business, with his head on the wrong way. Great stuff.

My bet is that the following three things will happen with this new character.

1. At some point she’ll say, “I need (something) like I need a hole in the head.”

2. Batman will deduce her plan and/or motivation and she’ll exclaim, “Ah, Batman, you see right through me.”

3. Robin will throw a small projectile at her face, and it will go right through the hole in her head.

Time will tell. Great bad girl though.

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