Marvel And Mattel 1980s Thanksgiving

Oh, what joys YouTube has the power to unearth, and thanks to all those people that never throw out old VHS tapes. Comics Alliance has a great post, with 4 videos from the mid to late ’80s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. See He-Man and She-Ra fail synchronised movement! Gasp as Captain America plays hide and seek with some bad guys! Wonder why the Back to the Future theme music is played! Dance along with Doctor Doom to a Bonnie Tyler song! Yep, they’re definitely worth watching and are equal parts hilarious and cringe worthy. I feel sorry for the badly dressed actors under the lycra too, but I know if I was a kid watching such a spectacle, I would’ve screamed with excitement.¬†At least we know that next year’s Batman stage show and Spider-Man musical will be better than this.

See all 4 videos here.