Dark Horse Comics Look See

Geekweek has a cool look at the Dark Horse Comics HQ, the comics publisher behind Hellboy, Conan, Buffy and much more. There’s a few photos, but the real interesting bits are the short interviews with founder Mike Richardson, Director of Publicity Jeremy Atkins and managing editor Scott Allie.

“If a comics shop makes the effort to do it right, it can prosper,” Atkins maintains, “And Dark Horse is ready to help with incentives.” He points out that the company provides special vouchers for free online content that you can only get at your local comics shop. “We have never forgotten the vital role of the comics shop. It provides a social function, just like an independent record store or bookstore.” An upcoming incentive for the fall is a line up of three new titles that will debut their first issues in print for 99 cents and their first digital issue for $1.99: “Orchid,” by Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), available Oct. 12;“House of Night,” by best-selling author P.C. Cast and her daughter, Kirsten Cast, available Nov. 9; “The Strain,” based on the bestseller by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, adapted by David Lapham (“100 Bullets”), available Dec. 14.

Sticking with Dark Horse, MTV Geek has a creator commentary/interview with writer Christos Gage, focused on the new Angel & Faith #1. Obviously, it’s spoiler-filled, but is necessary reading for fans of Buffy and co.

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