New The Expendables Trailer

Sure, there’s The A-Team and The Losers, but The Expendables look like the toughest bunch of action stars, because they’ve been filling those shoes for decades. It’s directed by Sylvester Stallone and co-written by him, and opens on August 12. I love the fact that this trailer reveals very little and sells the film purely with a bunch of very famous surnames. Awesome.

Free Kekkaishi Anime Download

Press release below which should be of interest to U.S anime fans.


Special Promotion To Celebrate the Domestic Broadcast Launch of the Shonen Sunday Animated Series

VIZ Media invites fans to explore the demon-battling action adventure of popular Shonen Sunday KEKKAISHI anime series with a FREE Download-to-Own (DTO) episode starting today through VIZ Media partners iTunes, Xbox Live’s Zune Marketplace, PlayStation®Network and Amazon Video on Demand. KEKKAISHI Episode 1 will be available for free download through June 17th to celebrate the recent domestic broadcast launch of KEKKAISHI on Adult Swim.

KEKKAISHI is based on the hit manga series by Yellow Tanabe (also published in North America by VIZ Media). A story of mystical forces powerful in the region known as Karasumori. For over 400 years, it has been the duty of a clan of “kekkaishi”—barrier masters—to guard this land and exterminate the supernatural creatures that are drawn to it night after night.

Yoshimori Sumimura is a junior high school student at Karasumori Academy, which is built upon the Karasumori grounds. By night, Yoshimori follows the tradition passed down through generations and fulfills his destiny as the twenty-second “kekkaishi” of the Sumimura clan. But by day, Yoshimori’s got other demons to contend with, like an obsession with cake making and a seriously crotchety grandfather! Yoshimori’s pretty neighbor, childhood friend and rival, Tokine Yukimura, is also a “kekkaishi,” but their families are caught up in a feud over who is the true practitioner of the art. Protecting ordinary people from the ever-present danger of the Karasumori grounds, Yoshimori will continue to grow stronger as he battles the forces of evil again tonight!

For more information on the KEKKAISHI anime and manga series (both rated “T” for Teens), please visit or

Death of Dracula #1 Preview

Text-free preview, and details, below from the new series set to shake things up in the Marvel U.

Get Your First Taste of DEATH OF DRACULA

Marvel is proud to present your first look at the extra-sized Death of Dracula #1, beginning the biggest changes in the Marvel Universe since Civil War! Acclaimed writer Victor Gischler and rising star artist Giuseppe Camuncoli enter the Heroic Age by killing one of the Marvel Universe’s most dangerous villains. But just why does this put the future of the Marvel Universe at stake? Find out in Death of Dracula #1!





Parental Advisory …$3.99

FOC—6/10/10, On-Sale—6/30/10