Wired on the iPad

This is something Dave and I have been talking about recently, regarding our Extra Sequential mag. We love paper, to be sure, but the digital horizon sure is exciting.

Blue Boxing Beetles

This week 3 rather interesting and very different films (or rather 2 films and a TV show) unveiled a few first looks. Hugh Jackman’s latest film is called Real Steel and is directed by Shawn Levy who made Night at he Museum. Hmmm…not great so far, plus Jackman plays an ex-fighter who returns to the ring in the midst of robot boxing. This could be absurdly hilarious, or surprisingly awesome. It is based on a short story from Richard Matheson (I Am Legend) and was previously adapted in a Twilight Zone episode, so it may just be OK after all.

Geoff Johns’ new position as Chief Creative Officer isn’t slowing down his great writing of Green Lantern and Brightest Day. He’s also making fans happy with his tidbits of the Ryan Reynolds-starring GL film and this little peek at a possible live action Blue Beetle TV series. The latest incarnation is teenager Jaime Reyes and he’s the version that will be the focus of the show, if it happens. More of the screen test photos and details here.

Next year is the CGI/live action/3D Smurfs film. It looks to be yet another bland attempt to bring a beloved franchise screaming and kicking into today’s world. See the trailer below. Yes, it has an “epic” intro, “tantalsing” shots of the Smurfs loose in a big city and a “hip” re-imagining of the original TV show theme tune. How original. OK, that’s enough sarcasm for one day.

On a related note, here’s a cringe inducing piece on Dark Horizons about the upcoming Fraggle Rock movie and how the screen writer’s vision was rejected from the studio. The reason? It wasn’t edgy enough. I fear for today’s kids.