Dark Horse Bring it up a Notch

Let’s face it, comics publishers are behind the game when it comes to blogs, leaving fans to pick up the slack. DC only got a blog a few months ago, but now Dark Horse is coming to the party. It launched on May 26 with little fanfare and this humble message.

Welcome to the Dark Horse Blog!

Swing on by every week for comics news, creator interviews, and exclusive content available no where else online! See something you like? Tell us about it in our comment section! Or is you’re feeling particularly ambitious, link to us on Twitter and Facebook. Check back every week and see what’s new at Darkhorse.com!

–Max Sato, Blog Guy

In the days since, though it’s been worth visiting, with previews of upcoming releases such as Hellboy and Star Wars and news such as Dark Horse’s recent exciting partnership with Toshiba and USA Today. Check out the Dark Horse blog here.