Secret Six’s Secrets

Secret Six #16I met artist Nicola Scott a few weeks ago at the Supanova convention in Perth. I complimented her on her work for Secret Six, DC’s villain-centric series. She thanked me and said it’s writer Gail Simone’s best work. She’s right. Now having two great female creators on a mainstream title is rare enough, but those two ladies are making magic. Secret Six is a spin-off of sorts of the Villains United mini-series, and the quirky cast has grown on fans. It’s a pleasant surprise that it works so well. I initially picked it up out of curiosity, but now it’s one of the few regular series in my pullbox. Over at Newsarama, is a great interview with Simone as she talks about the characters and its secret to success. It’s an insightful read and is filled with as much dark humour as the series itself. Just to prove the point, here’s a few of my favourite quotes from the interview. Out of context, they’re even funnier.

“I liken Secret Six to a beautiful, sunny morning, where you’re walking down the sidewalk eating a delicious, juicy peach, and all of a sudden you step in the carcass of a dead housecat.”

“That’s what those two represent, to me, sort of the proof of chaos theory in human form.”

“I have a well filled with the tears of children.”

“Where normal people talk, they tend to stab.”

If that taste isn’t enough for you, you can read the rest of the interview here.

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