Preview Night At Comic-Con 2009

I didn’t go to Preview night last year as I arrived on the Wednesday from Perth and was far too wrecked. This year I came a day early, so went to the traditional Wednesday night opener. The first thing I noticed was the wait for the shuttle bus. What should’ve been 30 minutes turned into a 2 hour sojourn, but everyone in the queue was chatty and patient. It was rush hour after all, and the trip back was far quicker. The line to pick up the badge was extremely shorter than last year and I hardly stood there for more than a few minutes.

The crowds were almost as packed as they will be tomorrow, and not every exhibitor was open, but it was a good chance to grab a bunch of freebies, though I could’ve taken  a lot more, but I don’t have any use for oversized bags, posters, flyers or comics I won’t read. Marvel’s display was impressive, with 4 Iron Man movie suits including the slightly changed version from next year’s sequel. Rob Liefeld and the exclusive Green Lantern figures had the longest queues. Tyrese Gibson was signing copies of his new Image series, Mayhem! and wasn’t letting anyone take photos. DC had a playable demo of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum. New trailers for Imagi’s CG Astro Boy and Gatchaman (otherwise known as G-Force) films were amazing and elicited a few excited whoops from watching Gen Xers. James Cameron’s new film Avatar was prominent, with a life size model of what looks like Ripley’s Hangar suit from Aliens, and a few action figures.

I also talked to the duo from new fanboy musical group Kirby Krackle, but there’s much more to see in the next 4 days.

Comic-Con 09 Banner

C 3-POAlien









Avatar Toys

Cap Bust

Feed Your Fear

Iron Man Suits


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