Radically Generous

Publishers these days are all too aware of the price of comics, and after hearing consumers grumble, and seeing the TPBs increasing in popularity, they’re taking positive steps to ease fans’ minds. DC have done pretty well with their $1 entry point issues (the last one was the great The Unwritten #1, and the next one is September’s Sweet Tooth #1 by Jeff Lemire). Now Radical (Hotwire, City of Dust) are doing something..yeah, radical. They’re increasing their page counts considerably and keeping the price the same for a few new releases beginning in August. Radical steamed into the marketplace with great art to match their great concepts. Their cheaper books are definitely worth a look if you haven’t picked up any of their series yet. Press release below.

FVZA #1In striving to provide audiences with the highest quality at the best possible value, Radical Publishing is introducing a revolutionary new book format to our readers.

Radical has made it a company mandate to set trends—not follow them—and while we fulfill our goal to produce cutting-edge stories with gorgeous artwork, we also believe in keeping our products at an affordable price.

Radical is proud to announce our new “Bigger Books! Bigger Value!” campaign. Starting in August, we will be doubling, even tripling, our page count to bring you more story, more art, more pages…all for less money. For only $4.99 (just a dollar more than what the other publishers often charge for only 22 story pages), you are getting more than two issues worth of story. Whether it’s a 56-page Incarnate from Nick Simmons (A&E’s Gene Simmons Family Jewels), a 64-page October debut of FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency from David Hine (Civil War: X-Men) or a 72-page Earp: Saints for Sinners, our modern reinvention of the Wyatt Earp legend, from Matt Cirulnick and M. Zachary Sherman (Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising) the price will be the same for every single one of these issues: $4.99—and they’ll all have the top-notch quality and production values you’ve come to expect from the Radical name brand.

Be a part of the revolution: Bigger Books! Bigger Value! Only $4.99! Now that’s Radical.

Green Lantern: First Flight Comp

Hal JordanI’ll get to see this when it debuts at Comic-Con next month. Yay for me! The Green Lantern animated movie,  is the fifth direct-to-DVD film from Warner Bros. and DC, and stars everyone’s favourite ring slinger Hal Jordan as he learns to become an interstellar peacekeeper and meets Sinestro, Kilowog, Boodikka, the Guardians and the rest of the gang. It looks like quite the space faring adventure. You can enter the Sweepstakes here (if you’re a U.S resident) for the chance to win a host of goodies, including a Playstation 3, a 40″ LCD HDTV and a bunch of other cool goodies. The Facebook page also has news updates, interviews, and more. The film debuts on single and double disc DVD and Blu-ray on July 28.

Hal Jordan and Sinestro

Cap’s Covered

There’s a fair amount of hype about the return of Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America this week. In Captain America Reborn #1, writer Ed Brubaker and artist Bryan Hitch (The Ultimates) present Rogers’ return as classic enemy Red Skull makes nefarious plans. The covers of the first issue are truly striking, as you can see below, with covers by Bryan Hitch, Joe Quesada, Alex Ross and John Cassaday.