San Diego Photos

Comic-Con kicks off today with the Preview Night, and the free shuttle bus that travels to the cavernous Convention Centre every few minutes is right outside my hotel!

I woke up at 4am local time so flicked through the 30 channels and landed on Aliens vs Predator: Requiem. It’s not any better at 4am. Then I had the first of my many complimentary breakfasts, which today included a scone, some cereal, a mini pizza, a muffin, a bagel and two coffees. Yeah, I was hungry. Apart from the locals in their polo shirts talking on their phones or working on their laptops I saw a fellow Con attendee. They’re everywhere in this city now, and the Con was a cover feature in today’s USA Today. The chap I talked to was a rather large fellow, and brought 3 costumes with him of Captain America (Isaiah Bradley), Falcon and Black Panther. I then went for a walk around town for about an hour, bought some food, a six pack of Dr. Pepper and some shorts as it’s hot here. I also talked to a cab driver who couldn’t understand me, and took some photos of my room and various points of interest around downtown San Diego, which included the ever present Comic-Con banners and a yellow fire hydrant, just like in Shelbyville! Spooky.

Hotel 1

Hotel 2

Hotel 3

San Diego ShipsSan Diego Starbucks









Comic-Con/Avatar Banner

Comic-Con FlyerHorton Plaza









Yellow Fire Hydrant

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