San Diego Photos

Comic-Con kicks off today with the Preview Night, and the free shuttle bus that travels to the cavernous Convention Centre every few minutes is right outside my hotel!

I woke up at 4am local time so flicked through the 30 channels and landed on Aliens vs Predator: Requiem. It’s not any better at 4am. Then I had the first of my many complimentary breakfasts, which today included a scone, some cereal, a mini pizza, a muffin, a bagel and two coffees. Yeah, I was hungry. Apart from the locals in their polo shirts talking on their phones or working on their laptops I saw a fellow Con attendee. They’re everywhere in this city now, and the Con was a cover feature in today’s USA Today. The chap I talked to was a rather large fellow, and brought 3 costumes with him of Captain America (Isaiah Bradley), Falcon and Black Panther. I then went for a walk around town for about an hour, bought some food, a six pack of Dr. Pepper and some shorts as it’s hot here. I also talked to a cab driver who couldn’t understand me, and took some photos of my room and various points of interest around downtown San Diego, which included the ever present Comic-Con banners and a yellow fire hydrant, just like in Shelbyville! Spooky.

Hotel 1

Hotel 2

Hotel 3

San Diego ShipsSan Diego Starbucks









Comic-Con/Avatar Banner

Comic-Con FlyerHorton Plaza









Yellow Fire Hydrant

The Art Of Top Cow Preview Part 5

And this concludes our daily sneak peek at the 352 page gallery that is The Art of Top Cow coffee table book. The book is out now. If you want to induce drooling, it’s worth grabbing.

The Art Of Top Cow p243

The Art Of Top Cow p272

The Art Of Top Cow p281

The Art Of Top Cow p285

The Art Of Top Cow p316

The Art Of Top Cow p337

Free Anime Episodes

From the generous folks at Madman Entertainment comes a few more series from their on-line Screening Room. Info below.

Gurren LagannFollowing the successful launch of Screening Room +, Madman announces further series’ now available for streaming online.

Screening Room + ( launched in early April, 2009, debuting with premiere episodes of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD, and has already grown to stream tens of thousands of episodes and regularly garners hundreds of daily viewers.

Madman now proudly presents all 26 episodes of HIS AND HERS CIRCUMSTANCES, a fan-favourite romance from the director of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. All 26 episodes are currently online and available for an 8-week season only.

Coming late July is Studio Gainax’s GURREN LAGANN and the highly anticipated GUNADAM 00 – two of the most popular and sought after upcoming anime series. 

Both series will stream episodes prior to their release on DVD. Go here for all free episodes.

Punisher R.I.P

On sale on August 19 is Punisher#8 written by Rick Remender and art by Tan Eng Huat (Doom Patrol). It’s described by Marvel like this: 

Dark Reign The List brings the most dramatic changes ever to Punisher! Dark Wolverine faces off against Frank Castle and the Punisher’s (after)life is altered forever! Beginning with Punisher #8, don’t miss four special Rest In Pieces Variants, all clues to the startling changes ahead for the Punisher! 

And if that doesn’t perplex and excite you, check out the John Romita Jr. promo below.

Punisher RIP