Labor Days Interview

For Broken Frontier I was able to interview both creators of Oni Press’ recent release, Labor Days, which is a fun, mature, crazy OGN (original graphic novel). It follows Londoner “Bags” Bagwell and his worldwide trek for a mysterious videotape. Hilarity, and action, ensues. My interviews with writer Philip Gelatt can be found here and with artist Rick Lacy here. You can also check out a huge preview here.

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Broken Trinity #3 Review

bt003cov_1As someone with a vague awareness of the current goings on in the Top Cow universe, it’s always a welcome feeling to jump right in to a random title and not feel lost. Called the “Fatal Conclusion” to this mini-series that focuses on the top three supernatural powers (The Darkness, Witchblade and Angelus) the title is a good indication of the events of this issue. It begins with long-time ‘Blade wielder Sara Pezzini at the door step of fellow cop Patrick Gleason, and she brings a war with her. Gleason has been with Sara for a while now, so it’s about time his eyes were opened to all her supernatural secrets. He manages to stay focused long enough to save the life of an old man whom he must have befriended in the previous issues, and demands that this ancient looking Asian drop the “mysterious curator” act and tell him what’s going on. By the way, he looks like every mysterious curator you’ve ever seen in a movie – long fingernails, long white facial hair and a long robe. He promptly tells Gleason of thirteen artifacts that are keys to mankind’s fate.

While this conversation continues, Sara and Jackie, who’s somehow now The Darkness Unplugged, have their backs against the wall when Celestine AKA Angelus and a few of her gorgeous friends arrive to lend a helping hand – for the other side. New character Finn does some fighting of his own while looking like a Hulked out Iceman, and yes, there is a death as promised on the cover, but this is comics after all, so only time will tell what that means exactly. It wasn’t the death I was expecting and is handled with good suspense.

Writer Ron Marz and artist Stjepan Sejic continue to work beautifully together. Sejic renders the battle in glorious fashion, and had me wishing that the last episode of Angel looked like this. His painterly effects are always pleasant on the eye, and here he seems to be bold enough to experiment with layout and page design. Hopefully, he’ll continue to. Marz proves he’s the master of simple action yet again. There are some big (and not entirely original) ideas at play here, but he knows how to make a comic accessible. Secret Invasion and Final Crisis are just as grand concepts, but Broken Trinity achieves the same level of comic book soap opera with less issues, and characters. If you’re a fanboy who doesn’t know what to give a newbie, anything written by Marz will be a sure thing, as the experienced scribe entertains without confusion every time. The last few pages are a treat too, and herald a new direction for the characters in its pages. Where Top Cow take those left standing after this event should be just as interesting to watch.

For a preview of this ish, go here.