Get Impaled For Free

impalertpb_cvrTop Cow obviously believe in this vampire project from writer William Harms and artist Matt Timson. So much so that they’ve given the series its own dedicated website, where you can read the entire first issue on-line for free. Woo hoo! Free! The series lasted three issues at Image before it finished, but now the entire story, with the three never-before-seen last issues, is now available as a TPB from Top Cow. Plus a new ongoing series kicks off in December.

Sure, there have been many vampire stories over the years, or even, centuries. However Impaler has a nice twist. It centres on the original vamp (and historical figure)  – Vlad Tepes AKA Vlad the Impaler, as an anti-hero killing vamps as they overrun modern day New York, and the world. Expects lots of blood and action. Take a peek at a few moody Jae-Lee-like random pages below.




Ultimatum #1 Preview


So, Magneto goes mad and vows revenge. It’s a tune he’s been playing for decades, but this time, its in the Ultimate universe (Marvel’s alternate line of more accessible books). Ultimatum is out now and is a 5 part mini-series focused on the helmeted bad guy’s swathe of destruction across the Ultimate U, involving earthquakes and tidal waves and such. The tagline is from Mags’ mouth – “For what they’ve done, they will have to pay the Ultimate price.” I have no idea what they did, as I’m only a casual Ultimate reader, but I’m sure all will be revealed. It echoes of DC’s similar use of Lex Luthor’s line in an early Superman/Batman issue – “There will be a crisis…a reckoning,” which eventually came to pass with Infinite Crisis. A preview of Ultimatum’s premiere ish is below. The series is written by Jeph Loeb (Hulk) with great art by David Finch (Avengers: Disassembled).