Z Graphic Novels Reviews

Back at the glory days of Infuze (BTW writer Robin Parrish who started the on-line mag has just updated his site. Check it out) I got a swag of goodies from the fine folks at Zondervan, one of the world’s largest Christian publishers. I only managed to review the first two issues of the awesome Hand of the Morningstar before Infuze went bye bye. That is a great series and there are many more in the great Zondervan Graphic Novels line, which is a black and white series of all-ages books with biblical values. My first review for this unique line is now up at Sight, where I talk about both Morningstar and Timeflyz. Hopefully I can work my way through the remaining first two books of the rest of the titles. Hopefully. Anyway, if you’re looking for faith affirming and entertaining comics for yourself or your kids, check out their books, or groovy website for a better idea.