How Smallville Should End

First up, I should admit that I’m not a regular Smallville watcher. I wasn’t interested until it left the high school villain of the week plots for the grander, DC guest star scenarios of the more recent seasons. I’ve only watched 2 complete series, and here in Australia the show hasn’t screened for years. In fact, the 9th season has only just been released on DVD, and season 8 is back on the air, at a rather unflattering and often changing timeslot. However, since the show’s final, 10th season is only days away from ending (on Friday, in the U.S at least)  it’s been getting a lot of deserved attention, including how it won’t end. I was daydreaming at work, so I typed this up quickly. It’s only 2 scenes, with hints at the growing DC Universe with Batman, a guest star that was never realised in the show, although it was originally a young-Bruce Wayne-grows-up premise before the studio big wigs settled on Clark Kent. Chloe, portrayed by Allison Mack was always a proto-Barbara Gordon/Oracle too.

The last line will be important in this show, and we know Tom Welling will whack on the Superman suit. We also know actor Michael Rosenbaum’s back as Lex Luthor after years away, so a memorable throwdown between the two has to be inevitable.

So, here’s my brief and largely unedited, script, with the dialogue appearing mid-scene. Yes, I know the formatting may be off, and I’m happier with my first scene rather than the not-quite-there last, but I just thought I’d share it anyway. After all, how often does a decade running show on Superman end?


ORACLE (laughs)

You misunderstand me, Miss Sullivan. We don’t need your help. I’m offering you a job.


A job? Thank you, Barbara, but I’d rather not be a mindless cog in WayneTech’s corporate machine, especially if it means moving to the hellhole of Gotham. No offense.


None taken, but you wouldn’t have to move. Gotham has a set of eyes and ears already – me. What we need is another pair of both, here in Metropolis.


Okay, I appreciate the cloak and dagger, but if you don’t start bringing some clarity to this conversation, I’m going to be on my formerly merry way.


Here’s the deal. I know all about your…nocturnal activities.


(interrupts) I…


Please. Hold the witty comments. Myself and my…boss need a woman of your skills. You know, almost as well as we do, that our world is on the brink of something terrifying and glorious. Your Wall of Weird was cute and all, and the Watchtower was a step in the right direction, but I’m here to tell you – you haven’t seen anything yet.


And you want to show me this big, bad world. Is that right?



(hands her a business card)

Don’t let your curiosity fade into ignorance and regret. Here’s where you can reach me – 24/7 and on the other side – that would be your starting salary. I look forward to working with you Chloe.


Lex in his classic purple and green power suit is facing Superman in his classic costume. Both men are hovering above the city’s skyscrapers, facing each other. Lex is defiant and filled with hate. Superman is heroic, preparing himself for what he sense will be the first of many violent encounters with his nemesis.


This is my city. Mine. No alien will dictate terms to the human race. You’re either my subordinate, as you should be, or you get out of my way.


That’s ridiculous. I’m not your competition Luthor. I’m just here to help.


The human race has proved time and again that it can help itself. We have achieved wonders. Miracles. We have perfected ourselves by sheer genius and determination and yes, I have plenty of both.


True, and the misguided pride to use them in all the wrong ways.


I didn’t land here with a pristine costume and the powers of a god! I turned myself into this! You can’t take fate from my hands alien. This city, this world is mine… and I’m not sharing.


In another life, we could’ve been friends. Don’t force my hand.



You don’t belong here. It’s as simple as that.


You know what’s simple Luthor? There is a right and a wrong in the universe, and the distinction between the two is not that difficult to make.


The bumper sticker ideology of a fool.


I know who I am Luthor, and I know that my fight against evil is just beginning. It’s a never ending battle.

Lex screams. The two men leap at each other. The action freezes just before they collide. John Williams’ Superman: The Movie theme rises.


 Well, you get the idea.

In related Smallville news, there’s this from Warner Bros.

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