Free Comic Book Day 2011 Previews

FCBD has been going for a few years now and is the best yearly event for comics newbies to discover the joys of sequential art. All the info you need to know is here, but the most important thing is that it’s this Saturday, May 7. Mladen and I will be discussing our faves of some of the free comic offerings available this year in this week’s Extra Sequential podcast. Below are previews of some of the comics we’ll talk about and you can see 10 more previews here, including goodies from Marvel, DC, Image and Archaia.

Here’s previews for BOOM! Studios’ Elric and Darkwing Duck/ Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers Flip book.

For 40 years, the exploits of Elric have thrilled comic book fandom, beginning with his introduction to the world of comics in Marvel’s Conan The Barbarian #15 in 1972. Now, Michael Moorcock, the godfather of the Multiverse concept, brings one of the most critically acclaimed and recognizable figures in the history of fantasy fiction back to sequential art! This Free Comic Book Day edition heralds the new ongoing Elric series featuring a crisis across multiple worlds that will involve Moorcock’s other famous fantasy franchise characters: Corum of the Scarlet Robe and Dorian Hawkmoon. Meet the Pale Prince in an epic that could only be called The Balance Lost! And make sure you don’t miss the new ongoing series this summer! Written by white-hot New York Times bestselling author Chris Roberson (Superman, iZombie, Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love)!

An all ages flip book from BOOM! On one side, experience Darkwing Duck! Reprinting the blockbuster sold-out first issue of the Darkwing Duck ongoing series. But don’t forget to flip this comic over, or you’ll miss Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, reprinting the first issue of the critically acclaimed bestseller from BOOM! Two hit series, both all ages, one flip book of pure fun! Don’t miss the return of the Disney Afternoon Revolution that grabbed the attention of Disney fans everywhere!

You can read even more previews here including books from Red 5, Dark Horse and 12 Gauge.

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