Read Deadpool: The Gauntlet For Free

The first issue, that is. As of last week, Marvel have been distributing free copies of the first issue of Deadpool: The Gauntlet, a 13 part series that is made specifically for their new Infinite Comics line. It will all be collected on paper at some point.

I’d like to take this opportunity to let you now that there are always some good freebies to be had at your generous comic book shop. It’s always promotional material, but I’ve grabbed heaps of plastic Green Lantern rings, posters, coasters, bookmarks, temporary tattoos, etc for my nieces and nephews (and occasionally myself), over the years. You don’t get that kind of stuff at a digital store! I have nothing against digital stores by the way. I o prefer reading on paper, and socialising with my fellow witty comics clerks and readers though.

There’s aslo Comic Shop News, which is a free weekly newspaper which covers the latest releases and announcements, and interviews. Your comic shop may not carry copies though. It’s been running for years and is a good way to catch up on all the news in the comic book biz if you’re not one to jump online for such things.

Free Deadpool: The Gauntlet

Geeky Shirts

You’re a nerd. You need a t-shirt, because as we all know by now, geeks and nerds are cool, so you can be a fashionable fan now. I must say, until recently, the majority of my wardrobe consisted primarily of shirts with pictures of superheroes on them, but having recently lost some weight, a drastic change in apparel was implemented. Time to wear and declare my fondness for comics/films/cartoons once more I say.

However, before you look at the pretty options below, a word of warning – please make sure you actually like the character/series that is emblazoned on your clothing of choice. There’s nothing more irksome than a pretend fan of something pop culture related. In other words, don’t wear a Megatron t-shirt simply because you like the live action films starring Megan Fox. Here are a few superb selections as seen in the current issue of the Previews catalogue, from Captain America’s movie sequel logo to some great Godzilla art from his excellent Half Century War mini-series from IDW, and you can see a few more exclusive apparel options here.

PREVIEWS Exclusive New T-Shirts: Captain America, Deadpool, Loki, Godzilla and More Available this April

Strut your stuff with comic book character inspired t-shirts and hoodies from PREVIEWS

Sport your favorite hero, villain, monster or other comic book character with  t-shirts and hoodies featured in PREVIEWS January catalog and available only at comic shops!  Available in various sizes and colors, the apparel feature fan favorite characters  Deadpool, Captain America, My Little Pony, Loki, The Punisher and many more that will be in comic shops starting in April 2014.

Some of the top exclusive apparel items available to pre-order now are:

  • Captain America Movie II Shiny Star Nacy T-Shirt (Item Code: JAN141582, SRP: $18.99, page 424)
  • Captain America Shield Black Hoodie (Item Code: JAN141586, SRP: $54.99, page 424)
  • Transformers Megatron Silver T-Shir (Item Code: JAN141597, SRP: $18.99, page 424)
  • My Little Pony Non Stop Pixel Pie Blue T-Shirt (Item Code: JAN141607, SRP: $18.99, page 425)
  • Godzilla Scream City Navy T-Shirt (Item Code: JAN141612, SRP: $18.99, page 425)
  • Loki Lokidoki Charcoal T-Shirt (Item Code: JAN141632, SRP: $18.99, page 426)
  • Deadpool Hello Ladies Black T-Shirt (Item Code: JAN141637, SRP: $18.99, page 427)
  • Other apparel includes The Punisher, Venom Face of Brock, TMNT, Bloodshot and more fan favorites.

These shirts can only be found in comic book specialty shops—you won’t find them at any other store locations. Connect with your local comic shop to pre-order the items you really want before they run out when they hit stores! Find a comic shop near you at and get the latest t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and other apparel to add to your wardrobe line.


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Deadpool and Spider-Man Infinite Comics Previews

Infinite Comics is Marvel’s new approach of making comics work on mobile devices, with original content made specifically for phones and tablets. It’s a good idea for those who want to read something new which they can fit in their pocket, and take out while they’re waiting for their bus to arrive. Below are two press releases and a text-free preview, about Deadpool’s second issue of The Gauntlet, and a soon to be released series starring an amnesiac Spider-Man. Spidey’s series is entitled Who Am I and kicks off in April (yes, with the returning Peter Parker. Yay!)

Deadpool: The Gauntlet #2 On-Sale Today!

Marvel’s Next Groundbreaking Infinite Comic Series Continues Today! 

After a tousle with Dracula, Deadpool becomes something far worse than undead—the Lord of Vampires’ whipping boy! And the servitude for his blood-sucking highness begins now inDeadpool: The Gauntlet #2, the second chapter in a 13-part all-new Infinite Comics series!

Designed specifically for mobile devices, Infinite Comics showcase the storytelling possibilities of a digital canvas while still staying true to the mediums greatest strengths!

Deadpool’s first assignment? Obtain and secure a very special package for Dracula (which may or may not damn all of mankind. Just saying.). Shouldn’t be too hard for the Merc With a Mouth—once he looks past the booby-trap laden secret tomb it’s hidden in. Oh, and teleporting warriors. Lots and lots of teleporting warriors.

 As Deadpool slashes through his most absurd adventure yet, the Gauntlet is finally thrown in the year’s hottest digital comic! And the wedding bells will only ring louder as Wade takes another step towards his marriage to (You Wish!) in April’s mega-sized DEADPOOL #27!

Available right at your fingertips, Deadpool: The Gauntlet #2 is available on the Marvel Comics app (for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch® & AndroidTM devices) and online in the Marvel Digital Comics Shop!


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Deadpool Dead at 50

This is just really an excuse to show another cover by Dave Johnson.

DEAD At 50!

Could this be it? Has everyone’s favorite Merc With A Mouth finally made an appointment with Lady Death? This February, witness the biggest change in Deadpool’s life as “DEAD” kicks off in Deadpool #50! From the creative team of Daniel Way & Carlo Barberi, Deadpool’s lease on life is about to expire and those around him are going to feel the consequences including X-Force! Following the epic battle with his former body parts gone rogue, Wade Wilson makes a monumental decision that will forever change who he is. See how it all goes down this February, in Deadpool #50!

DEADPOOL #50 (DEC110676)

Written by DANIEL WAY



FOC – 1/16/12, ON SALE 2/8/12

Marvel Pics Galore

Below is the J. Scott Campbell cover to Amazing Spider-Man #601 which is released on August 9 and is the kick-off of Mary Jane Month. The issue is written by Mark Waid and also includes a 6 page story written by Brian Bendis with art by Joe Quesada. That’s special. Also on sale in early August is the second printing of Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #1, by Victor Gischler and Bong Dazo. Lastly here’s 3 X-Men related covers from this week’s comics.






Read Deadpool for Free

Everyone’s favourite quip throwing mercenary returns to the pages of Marvel Comics in September in a new series from writer Daniel Way and artist Paco Medina. Before that, though be sure to head over to Marvel’s new Digital Comics Unlimited site, because they’re letting you read Deadpool Saga #0 for free. It will tell you everything you need to know about this wise-cracking, quick-healing anti-hero.

You don’t find such generosity in massive conglomerates these days, so make the most of it. Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool has had some pretty big names working on his series over the years, such as Joe Kelly and Ed McGuiness and the fans seem to hunger for more adventures of the “merc with a mouth.” Deadpool – he’s just like Wolverine, but twice as ugly, and with a sense of humour.

Deadpool has been around since the heady comic book days of the 1990s and has only grown in popularity. He certainly stands out from the typical superhero crowd. Ryan Reynolds will be playing the character in next year’s X-Men spin-off, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, though how close he’ll stay to his comic book equivalent is anyone’s guess at this stage.