He-Man Comes To DC

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe has had new series and one-shots from DC Comics over the last year or so, and now as suspected it looks like a cross-over with the DC Universe is on the way in August. Maybe the residents from Eternia will migrate permanently to Metropolis, Gotham, etc or this will be a temporary visit.

I’m not sure what to think about this though. I mean, the new costumes are bewildering and sexist. (He-Man gets more clothes, and Teela gets less). Well, here’s the only pic released so far, and here’s a brief interview with writer Keith Giffen.

He-Man and DC

Masters of the Universe 30th Anniversary Art

He-Man has been around for 30 years. Yes, it’s true. No, you shouldn’t feel old.

To celebrate the anniversary next year, Mattel have unleashed some awesome new Masters of the Universe art by Alvin Lee. Check out some below and more here.

Gabriel De La Torre, Staff Product Designer from Mattel Entertainment Design, told us, “This ‘alt’ style to the Classic brand was created as a visual way to re-imagine the vast characters and worlds of Masters of the Universe® with a contemporary edge. This dynamic artwork will be used across multiple categories in consumer products and beyond, celebrating our Masters of the Universe 30th Anniversary program launching in 2012.”

Creating a new look for an iconic brand like MOTU while still retaining the integrity of its original style was no simple task. Gabe and his team searched for an artist who not only had the style they envisioned, but also a love for MOTU. “We landed on a well-known talent named Alvin Lee, whose work can be seen in a variety of brands and also many popular video games. With the finished product, his passion for the characters and the brand really shined through. Raymond Makowski (Staff Product Designer) and I worked with Alvin Lee to create a dynamic collection of poses and battle scenes that not only pushed the designs of the characters, but also captured the essence of the Masters of the Universe® feel–heroic, perilous and empowering.” Gabe said.

Look for the new art to appear on toy packaging starting in Q1, and on licensed goods from shirts to lunchboxes throughout 2012. We’ll have more updates at New York Toy Fair in February, but in the meantime, click here to feast your eyes on images of favorites including Skeletor® and Beast Man®!

New He-Man Mini-Comics

Dark Horse are creating new comics to be packaged with Mattel’s upcoming He-Man action figures, and the stories will be a continuation from the original ’80s mini-comics. Wow. Good news. You can read an interview here with their writer Tim Seeley (Witchblade). The covers are by Eric Powell (The Goon) with interior art by Wellinton Alves.

On a related note, action figure collectors can join Mattel’s new Club Eternia, which begins next year. For $20 a month, you’ll receive a host of goodies and exclusives throughout next year.

He-Man: Mass Murderer

I so want to see this. Much like Scott Pilgrim is an ode to ’90s video games (and more), The Expendables is a love letter, written in blood, to my favourite ’80s manly action flicks. The most glaring thing about the poster to Stallone’s cinematic testosteronic spectacle is not Arnie’s absence, but the fact that apparently Dolph Lundgren as He-Man in 1987’s Masters of the Universe film killed 41 people. What?! Wow.

The Week In Pictures Feb 14 2010

Last week I revealed Andy Kubert’s covers for the first two issues of the upcoming Return of Bruce Wayne storyline. Now here’s the remaining 4.

Oh yeah, a time-travelling Batman just screams cool to me. On an unrelated note, Bluewater Productions continue to churn out  bio comics for the curious, as evidenced by their May offerings.

and available (and on sale) from Feb 16 from Mattel on their Matty Collector on-line store are a few updated He-Man figures for those nostalgic Gen Xers, as well as The Dark Knight and Justice League Unlimited figures.

He-Man Pics

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