Cullen Bunn Chat

Writer Jason Aaron (Scalped, Wolverine) has a regular column at CBR in which he talks about the process of writing. His latest instalment is a brief, but insightful, interview with fellow scribe Cullen Bunn. Bunn has risen to acclaim with his work on the Oni Press series, The Sixth Gun, and he tells Aaron about the daily life of a writer and what it took to get there. For most of us dreamers, it’s a good reminder of what it takes.

I think it’s kind of funny when I hear people say they have no time to write, but they also talk endlessly about the syndicated re-run they watched just last night for the umpteenth time. I also had to (painfully) say no to hanging out with friends, playing video games and going out to the movies. A couple of weeks ago I went to see a matinee movie and it was the first thing I’ve watched at the theater in years. Basically, I cut out almost every non-essential activity. I worked late into the night and I got up early before heading to work. At lunch, I skipped going out with co-workers and locked myself in my office and wrote. Did it get old? Oh, yeah. But I knew I was working toward something and I kept telling myself I could see the light at the end of the tunnel (even on — especially on — days that I couldn’t).

Read the whole interview here.


David Ziebart Interview

Now at Broken Frontier is my interview with writer David Ziebart about his new Red 5 series, Foster Broussard: Demons of the Gold Rush, an entertaining supernatural/ action mini-series set in the Californian gold rush.

You can read the interview here.

The Deep

No, not this one, but the upcoming OGN from Gestalt, and writer Tom Taylor (Rombies, Star Wars) and artist James Brouwer. The pair have recently started uploading great looking preview pages on the project’s Facebook page and you can read an interview with Taylor about his past, present and future projects at The Sci-Fi Block.



Extra Sequential Podcast #41-BlueSpear Interview

54 mins. Our interview with two lovely gents from English publisher Com.x. Also wrestling, the fake apocalypse and yes, Arnie’s love child.


NEWS 1: 21

Tintin on the big screen

Supanova Pop Culture Convention in Perth and Sydney in June. Get your tix now.

Batman villain Bane as played by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises is revealed. Well, some of him anyway.


Our first ever interview via the wonders of Skype. English creators Eddie Deighton (co-publisher of Com.x and co-writer of  BlueSpear) and Andi Ewington (co-writer of BlueSpear and writer of 45-whcih we talked about here) talk to us about the 45 spinoff one-shot BlueSpear, which comes out in July.

The chaps talk about the business behind publishing Original Graphic Novels rather than monthly issues, what they look for in a story pitch, how they find new talent, advice for new writers and publishers, and a lot of laughs.

Also mentioned are subjects as diverse as our lack of sporting knowledge, amusing convention tales, the classic Marvels, I Kill Giants, Kingdom Come, and creator Bryan Talbot.

Skullkickers And The Sixth Gun

The two co-creators behind two successful new series talk to each other about breaking into comics and all manner of things. It’s a very insightful discussion between writers Jim Zubkavich (Image’s Skullkickers) and Cullen Bunn (Oni Press’  The Sixth Gun). It’s a must read for aspiring writers and is quite encouraging.

Zub: Time management is everything. I looked at these opportunities and said to myself, “I want to do all these things. They mean so much to me.” Constantly thinking, “This is what I want to do and if I don’t do them will I regret it?” The answer has always been “yes,” so that drives me when I work.

I’m not perfect about organizing or productivity, but when this all started I looked at what I was spending the majority of my free time doing — watching TV, playing video games or whatever. Social time with friends and family is important but even looking at that I realized what was important and what needed to be prioritized in order to get the work done. I guess I’m just obsessive-compulsive.

Cullen: No, I think that’s a good point. I talk to a lot of people who want to break in and they don’t know how to do it while making ends meet, and I was right there with them for many years — trying to write fiction, short stories and novels. It wasn’t until I started really treating this like a job that I was able to make any headway whatsoever.

Zub: I think people look at this and they say, “Well, it’s just comics” or “Hey, I’ve got a cool idea,” but everyone has ideas. Are you going to develop it, work on it, make it into something and really push yourself? That’s the difference between an idea and completing something worthwhile.

Cullen: Folks always say, “I just don’t have time to do it,” but when they sit down in front of the TV watching shows they don’t even enjoy, some sit-com they don’t even laugh at -– there’s 30 minutes right there. You have to make the time.

Awesome, right? Check the whole thing out here and part two of the chat here.

X-Men Stuff

The latest face-in-silhouette X-Men First Class posters released a while ago are bad. Go here and judge for yourself. Thankfully, as we all know, fans are smart and creative! Super Punch shows off some fan made posters, and an imaginary opening title video for the June-releasing film. My two faves are below, and go here to see them all, in their great ’60s era glory.

Staying on the topic of costumed mutants, CBR has an interesting interview with X-Men writer Kieron Gillen (Phonogram) here. Fans pose the questions to the scribe and the discussion ranges from the Uncanny X-Men title to Fear Itself to the upcoming Schism. It’s for X-Men fans only really, as Nightcrawler’s death, Kitty in a space suit and the similiarities between Hope and Jean Grey are all brought up.

Lastly, and not really an X-Men story, but certainly a Marvel one – here’s a preview and trailer for Marvel’s 7 part Fear Itself series by Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen.


Extra Sequential Podcast #34-Elephantmen and Nonplayer

40 mins. Mladen and I occupy the same space once more as we talk about 2 new Image comics debuts we liked plus Ninja Turtles, April Fool’s Day office pranks, iPad 2 queues, and animated Plastic Man.


00:56 NEWS

Writer Jonathan Hickman’s new creator owned series

Justice League film set for 2013

Amy Adams has been cast as Lois Lane in the Superman reboot

Wonder Woman’s TV costume changes. Now with less shininess!


Kris – IDW’s Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters

FF #1, the new Fantastic Four relaunch. Spider-Man joins the team and it’s black and white costumes all round!

Mladen – Sequelcast film podcast


Elephantmen: Man and Elephantman by Richard Starkings and Axel Medellin. We find it to be a good intro for new readers, love the art and its effective colour palette and just the general noir vibe of the whole tale.

Nonplayer #1 by Nate Simpson. A very entertaining genre mash-up of a sci-fi world and a fantasy virtual world, with art that you’ll fall in love with. See a preview here and an interview with Simpson here.

Our rambling and amusing conclusion.


The Frontiersman #21 Out Now

The latest issue of Broken Frontier’s digital mag is here. Inside is my interview with first time OGN writer Eric Skillman, who has a great blog (and name -Cozy Lummox) right here. The cover of his OGN caught my eye, created by interior artist Jhomar Soriano. It’s a great, Hitchcockian noir drama and is released from Top Shelf next month. Below is the cover in all its glory, and you can catch a preview here.

The Frontiersman #21: Matt Kindt Hits The Big Time

Matt Kindt (Super SpyRevolver) is finally living the dream of creating comics full time. In The Frontiersman #21, the newest issue of Broken Frontier’s bi-weekly digital comics magazine, the writer/artist talks about the road traveled since self-publishing his first story 17 years ago. Kindt also offers an exclusive sneak peek at some of the books he’s got in the works for this year and next.

Also in The Frontiersman #21:

More pistol whipping Q&A action as we sit down with Erik Skillman to discuss Liar’s Kiss, his crime noir graphic novel out next month from Top Shelf. We spotlight Mark Waid’s return to Ruse, the first CrossGen series revived by Marvel. Another comics resurrection gets its due in our history piece on Atlas Comics, brought back by Ardden Entertainment. Our introduction and preview of The Grim Ghost builds a nice bridge between Atlas’ sad past and hopefully brighter present.
Then, there’s a guest feature by Buddy Scalera on the depressing state of comic book education (and what to do about it!), and we present an excerpt of Scalera’s new book,Creating Comics from Start to Finish with tips on comics writing. Last but not least, we break down – almost literally! – the collected edition of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s Nemesis and run through the top comics released on March 16.

The Frontiersman #21 is available on Graphicly for $1.49.

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The Frontiersman #20 Now Out

For only $1.49 you can pick up the latest issue of the fortnightly digital magazine from myself and the crew at Broken Frontier. Details below.

The Frontiersman #20

Joe Casey Hits Where It Hurts with ‘Butcher Baker’

Joe Casey has had a very diverse career that has evolved over the years, and despite his impressive superhero resume, he’s really dabbled in a bit of everything. He’s worked on indie and mainstream comics, in animation through Man of Action, and last year even wrote and directed a movie. No s***.

This month, he’s adding a new balls-to-the-walls comic series to his résumé, as he teams with Mike Huddleston on the new Image Comics ongoing Butcher Baker: The Righteous Maker. We interview Casey about the book and profile his career thus far. Oh, and we’ve got an action-packed exclusive preview of Butcher’s first issue too.

That all? No siree!

·         A Bad Cop Everybody Loves: Axe Cop, the webcomic ‘written by a 5 year old and illustrated by his 29 year old brother’ starts its print career in earnest this week with Dark Horse’s Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth. The miniseries is bound to be his biggest epic yet.

·         Spotlight on the Top Comics for March 2, including but absolutely not limited to Bendis and Oeming’s Takio GN, Secret Six #31, and Carbon Grey #1.

·         The Uncanny Com.X-Men: You know them from 45, Cla$$war and Razorjack, but the 2011 line-up of British publisher Com.x will be the company’s strongest thus far. Eddie Deighton, Ben Shahrabani and Jon Sloan, discuss their publishing business and what’s in store for the next year.

·         High Adventure on the High Seas: Charles Vess, Mike Mignola and Gerard Way are some of the big name fans of Jeremy Bastian’s Cursed Pirate Girl. It’s a wonderful book indeed, and we want to make sure you feel the same way.

·         Guest Feature by Terry Moore: The sensational creator of Echo and Strangers in Paradise delivers his State of the Union for 2011. Guess what? It’s all about digital, and how the comics industry should cope with this scary, scary beast.

·         Exclusive preview of Radical Publishing’s After Dark #3, the series created by Antoine Fuqua and Wesley Snipes and dazzlingly executed by Peter Milligan and Leonardo Manco.

The Frontiersman #20 is available on Graphicly for $1.49.


A Bunch of Broken Frontier Stuff

There’s a few things up at Broken Frontier now with my name on them, including my review of an Aussie anthology, my interview with Lions, Tigers and Bears and The Phantom writer Mike Bullock and finally the latest issue of The Frontiersman.

Nathan Edmondson Interview

My interview with writer Nathan Edmondson (Olympus, The Light) is now up at Broken Frontier, in which he discusses his new Image spy/supernatural series, Who Is Jake Ellis?

Archaia, AdHouse and More

The bloggers at Robot 6 are celebrating their second year at Comic Book Resources, and just like last year are taking over CBR’s front page. There’s some great features on there now including a revealing interview with the people behind Archaia’s best selling books of 2010, Mouse Guard and Return of the Dapper Men.

Similarly there’s a chat with Chris Spitzer from indie publisher AdHouse.

There’s an interview with Dan Abnett who’s co-writing Marvel’s new Heroes For Hire series.

There’s more goodies at CBR too, so check it out.

Unrelated to Robot 6’s anniversary is Greg Burgas’ always entertaining look at the Previews catalogue, this time for March’s goodies. I haven’t picked up my Previews yet, but will do when I return to work this week. It’s always a pleasure flipping through the pages.

Kevin Smith Talks Batman

Up now at CBR is an entertaining interview with director and occasional comics writer Kevin Smith about his somewhat controversial run on Batman with his Widening Gyre mini-series. I found the mini enjoying, although at times it became too casual for a Batman title, but Smith’s love of the character can’t be denied. He talks about his fave Bats tales, Batman’s bladder problems and more right here. It is Kevin Smith, so expect profanity.

The Frontiersman #16

Out now is the FREE digital PDF of Broken Frontier’s nifty magazine, The Frontiersman. Inside is a great interview with Charles Burns (Black Hole, X’ed Out), a look at Next Men, Thunderbolts, my review of the Hawks of Outremer TPB, an exclusive preview of Secret Warriors #23 and so much more. Check it out right here.

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