The Frontiersman #20 Now Out

For only $1.49 you can pick up the latest issue of the fortnightly digital magazine from myself and the crew at Broken Frontier. Details below.

The Frontiersman #20

Joe Casey Hits Where It Hurts with ‘Butcher Baker’

Joe Casey has had a very diverse career that has evolved over the years, and despite his impressive superhero resume, he’s really dabbled in a bit of everything. He’s worked on indie and mainstream comics, in animation through Man of Action, and last year even wrote and directed a movie. No s***.

This month, he’s adding a new balls-to-the-walls comic series to his résumé, as he teams with Mike Huddleston on the new Image Comics ongoing Butcher Baker: The Righteous Maker. We interview Casey about the book and profile his career thus far. Oh, and we’ve got an action-packed exclusive preview of Butcher’s first issue too.

That all? No siree!

·         A Bad Cop Everybody Loves: Axe Cop, the webcomic ‘written by a 5 year old and illustrated by his 29 year old brother’ starts its print career in earnest this week with Dark Horse’s Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth. The miniseries is bound to be his biggest epic yet.

·         Spotlight on the Top Comics for March 2, including but absolutely not limited to Bendis and Oeming’s Takio GN, Secret Six #31, and Carbon Grey #1.

·         The Uncanny Com.X-Men: You know them from 45, Cla$$war and Razorjack, but the 2011 line-up of British publisher Com.x will be the company’s strongest thus far. Eddie Deighton, Ben Shahrabani and Jon Sloan, discuss their publishing business and what’s in store for the next year.

·         High Adventure on the High Seas: Charles Vess, Mike Mignola and Gerard Way are some of the big name fans of Jeremy Bastian’s Cursed Pirate Girl. It’s a wonderful book indeed, and we want to make sure you feel the same way.

·         Guest Feature by Terry Moore: The sensational creator of Echo and Strangers in Paradise delivers his State of the Union for 2011. Guess what? It’s all about digital, and how the comics industry should cope with this scary, scary beast.

·         Exclusive preview of Radical Publishing’s After Dark #3, the series created by Antoine Fuqua and Wesley Snipes and dazzlingly executed by Peter Milligan and Leonardo Manco.

The Frontiersman #20 is available on Graphicly for $1.49.


Farewell Wizard (and Toyfare)

Like a lot of fanboys I read Wizard religiously in the heyday of the ’90s, and have pretty much never picked up an issue since. The so-called Guide To Comics magazine started in 1991 and was selling hundreds of thousands of copies – fifteen years ago. For people like me, it was the be all and end all of comics knowledge. It was how I got my awareness of new series, comics history and awesome books I should be reading, and then the internet happened and us geeks latched onto it with such force and immediacy that Wizard was never going to have the same esteem again. I’ve had my own dabblings with comics mags and I believe there is still some room for a more arty mag, especially as every comics mag that has launched since Wizard has lasted only a handful of issues. The press release is here, and surprisingly it makes no mention of the Wizard mag, but does mention its new digital version.

The last few years have seen Wizard become an object of much hatred, as rumours of founder Gareb Shamus’ greed and bad dealings with staff attained legendary status, the mag became pop culture hungry instead of comics-focused, and their love of growing a convention empire grew. Plus, their Price Guides and Top Ten lists were always controversial.

However, it’s vital importance in the history of comics awareness, plus the careers of professionals in the press and creators themselves can’t be denied. Plus, it’s always sad when people lose their jobs of course.

You can (and definitely should) read two accounts from ex-employees here and here.

The Frontiersman Now on Graphicly

Pres release below about the new step in the digital magazine from Broken Frontier, who I’ve been writing for for a while now. This is good news for those who want to read some great interviews and articles on their latest techno gadget.

The Frontiersman Now Available on Graphicly

Broken Frontier’s digital comics magazine, The Frontiersman, is now available through the Graphicly catalogue.

“We’re extremely excited to start offering The Frontiersman to Graphicly’s customers,” Broken Frontier Editor-in-Chief Frederik Hautain said. “Graphicly is one of the trendsetters in the digital comics arena, and their excellent platform enables us to put our magazine in the hands of many more comic book fans.”

The Frontiersman debuted in late April 2010 and is tailor-made to be enjoyed on the iPad, but can just as easily be read on your desktop. Last week saw the release of issue #17, in which the winners of the Broken Frontier Awards 2010 were announced. The issue features spotlight articles on Batman and Robin, Grant Morrison, Olivier Coipel, Charles Burns, Return of the Dapper Men and more. Also inside is the FULL issue of Josh Fialkov and Rahsan Ekedal’s horror thriller Echoes #1.

The Frontiersman #17 is offered for free on Graphicly, giving readers that have never experienced The Frontiersman before a great first look at the magazine. As of The Frontiersman #18, new issues will be sold for $1.49, while back issues will be made available for a mere $0.99.


Build a Bundle Magazine Sale

Details below about a great offer from the fine folks at TwoMorrows Publishing.


TwoMorrows Publishing, publisher of award-winning books and magazines about comics history and appreciation and LEGO®, is letting customers create customized bundles of magazines at 50% off, as part of their Half-Price “Build-A-Bundle” Sale, now through June 30, 2010.

“We’ve offered Bundles of our mags in the past, but always on complete runs,” said publisher John Morrow. “Now our readers can pick and choose the individual issues they’re missing, and complete their collections while saving serious cash. There’s more than 200 different issues on sale, and for about the price of the Digital Edition of one of our mags, they can get the print version—and in many cases, they’ll get a Digital Edition thrown in for free.”

The Half-Price “Build-A-Bundle” Sale includes these magazines:

Back Issue! #1-34

Jack Kirby Collector #23-52

Draw! #4-17

Alter Ego #2-86

Rough Stuff! #1-12

Write Now! #1-20

Comic Book Artist #9-25

BrickJournal #2-5

plus other miscellaneous humor and one-shot magazines, all at 50% off cover price. The only magazine-related items excluded from this sale are subscriptions, and the most recent and upcoming issues of each magazine, which are all still on sale at 15% off. As a bonus, a selection of books are also offered at 50% off during the sale period.

This sale is only valid for orders placed at through the end of June, and does not include shipping costs. Sale items can be found in the “Magazines” category listed atop the TwoMorrows’ home page.

Since 1994, TwoMorrows has been celebrating the art and history of comics and LEGO, with its line of award-winning books and magazines, including Roy Thomas’ Alter Ego, which is again nominated for an Eisner Award this year.

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