Black House Comics Submissions

Aussie publisher of great series like The Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes is now accepting submissions for their bimonthly anthology, After the World. Awesome news. Details here and summary below.

After the World features short stories in the horror, sci fi and speculative fiction genres and is distributed throughout Australian newsagents and online via

We are looking for stories between 1,000 and 5,000 words, although stories up to 10,000 words may be accepted. At the moment we are particularly keen on strong sci-fi stories.

Each issue of After the World features a story set in our After the World shared zombie universe. These stories are normally around 28,000 words in length and applications for upcoming slots are welcome. Please be aware, however, that we generally allocate these jobs to writers we have worked with before. Please also be aware that it is a guided universe and you will be asked to include specific plot points in any story idea you submit.

13 DC Reviews, But Not By Me

13 of DC’s 52 issue relaunch hit shelves this week. We didn’t get any new comics this week in Western Australia, thanks to the Labour Day holiday in America though. AARRGGHH! Oh well. At least customers who buy digitally don’t have to worry about that sort of thing.

Here’s a few reviews though, including all 13 #1s at Bleeding Cool, and Broken Frontier, 8 of them at CBR, Batgirl and Action Comics at Newsarama, Action Comics at ComicAttack and finally Action Comics, Detective Comics and Batgirl over at Luke Milton’s site, (who’ll be joining us on the Extra Sequential podcast next week!).

It’s interesting to see what Marvel fans, long-time DC fans, and newbies have to say about this.


Comics Alliance also has a handy look at the continuity changes that this first week’s offerings have shown us.

And now, here’s a look at some of next week’s releases including Superboy #1, Batman and Robin #1 and Legion Lost #1.