Extra Sequential Podcast #58-Star Wars

The first episode I’ve missed, due to some stomach bug thingy, but thankfully fellow Perth pop culture podcaster Luke Milton did an awesome job with Mladen. Here’s Mladen’s intro from the show.

Kris is frozen in Carbonite this week, so Mladen is joined by Luke Milton, Perth comic artist/photographer (that’s one of his photos below) and host of the “C-List” and “The Book Was Better” podcasts, to discuss Star Wars! The mythic stature vs the actual quality of the films, blu-ray deleted scenes and changes, the original and prequel trilogies, and the expanded universe and Star Wars Comics. Also: Lando Calrissian, Yaddle, and an awkward story about meeting Jake Lloyd. Your ears can’t repel podcasting of this magnitude!


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As for the comics we mention:

Star Wars: Infinities – The Star Wars version of Elseworlds/What If…

Star Wars Empire: The story of Biggs Darklighter

The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn

Star Wars: Droids comics

Dark Empire

Star Wars Tales with Tony Millionaire and Peter Bagge

Archie Goodwin’s 1970s Star Wars comics


Thanks again to Luke. Hopefully we’ll get him on the show again sometime, and I’ll be back with Mladen next week to ramble on about comics stuff.