Some More Wanna Sees

Sure, DC Comics have been the focus of comics chatter recently, with this week’s launch of the disappointing Justice League #1, and the much better Flashpoint #5, but there have been a few interesting projects pop up over this week. These projects will never happen (well, you never know, I guess) but look great and tie in to our latest podcast episode on comics we’d like to see.

Writer of Red 5’s great series, Atomic Robo (which is awesomely accessible with every issue) Brian Clevinger was going to write a 6 issue Firestorm mini-series after the character’s increased profile after Brightest Day. You can see his whole rejected (because of the DC relaunch) proposal right here. Clevinger also shows some great insight in the comments, such as:

This was the result of a couple weeks of thinking, emailing, and re-thinking, and then slapping it all together. I guess from the day they called me up to the day I had my six issues planned out as above was ~3 weeks.

For Robo it can take as little as weekend, a week, or a month. Depends on the story line. I generally go into less detail on those because I don’t need to prove the concept to anyone, so explaining it beyond notes is a waste of time. Vol 5 and Vol 6 stuck very closely to what I’d worked up. Vol 7, on the other hand, deviated from my plan early and often. The essential theme and arcs were the same, I just had to change up how they happened.

Here’s a wonderfully cute short tale from Mike Maihack featuring Supergirl and Batgirl.
The great DC Fifty-TOO! blog which features different artists showing what titles they’d like to see as part of DC’s relaunch has wrapped up its first month of covers. It will return though. Woo hoo! Here are some of my fave new covers below.
Finally, Project Rooftop has a great gallery of alternate X-Men designs by David Tran, of  a team consisting of Maggot (remember him?) and led by Magneto. Check those out here.

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