New DC #1 Covers

I’m sure these will show up on DC’s official blog soon now, but here you can find a handful of leaked September releasing debut covers, including Batwoman, Catwoman, Swamp Thing and yes, unfortunately the long running Detective Comics series. There’s also an official list of the four new Green Lantern related #1s here.

Lastly, here’s the cover for Nightwing #1 from artist Eddy Barrows. The speculation is that it’s actually the third (and resurrected) Robin Jason Todd under the mask, which could be true, especially considering his natural red hair would go with the red (instead of the usual blue) colour on this Nightwing costume. However, all I can think of after seeing this image, is Chris O’Donell from Batman and Robin.


Nope, it’s the original Robin, Dick Grayson who’s reclaiming his first post-Robin identity as Nightwing, meaning he’ll presumably give up the mantle of the Bat for the second time in his crimefighting career. DC have now officially posted more info about the Bat-family relaunches, including new series focusing on the African Batman, Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated, Jason Todd’s Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Batgirl, which sees Barbara Gordon leave the Oracle identity behind and reclaim her Batgirl one. That means DC continuity is maddeningly being rewound a few years, but at least her series will be written by Gail Simone.



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