The Frontiersman #21 Out Now

The latest issue of Broken Frontier’s digital mag is here. Inside is my interview with first time OGN writer Eric Skillman, who has a great blog (and name -Cozy Lummox) right here. The cover of his OGN caught my eye, created by interior artist Jhomar Soriano. It’s a great, Hitchcockian noir drama and is released from Top Shelf next month. Below is the cover in all its glory, and you can catch a preview here.

The Frontiersman #21: Matt Kindt Hits The Big Time

Matt Kindt (Super SpyRevolver) is finally living the dream of creating comics full time. In The Frontiersman #21, the newest issue of Broken Frontier’s bi-weekly digital comics magazine, the writer/artist talks about the road traveled since self-publishing his first story 17 years ago. Kindt also offers an exclusive sneak peek at some of the books he’s got in the works for this year and next.

Also in The Frontiersman #21:

More pistol whipping Q&A action as we sit down with Erik Skillman to discuss Liar’s Kiss, his crime noir graphic novel out next month from Top Shelf. We spotlight Mark Waid’s return to Ruse, the first CrossGen series revived by Marvel. Another comics resurrection gets its due in our history piece on Atlas Comics, brought back by Ardden Entertainment. Our introduction and preview of The Grim Ghost builds a nice bridge between Atlas’ sad past and hopefully brighter present.
Then, there’s a guest feature by Buddy Scalera on the depressing state of comic book education (and what to do about it!), and we present an excerpt of Scalera’s new book,Creating Comics from Start to Finish with tips on comics writing. Last but not least, we break down – almost literally! – the collected edition of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s Nemesis and run through the top comics released on March 16.

The Frontiersman #21 is available on Graphicly for $1.49.

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And Here It Is-Wonder Woman’s TV Costume

Blue pants? Man. The more I see about this, the more inclined I am to think that it’s being made for teenage girls. Strong, action driven female characters on TV are rare, with Buffy and Sarah Connor being two obvious examples, but Warner Bros. seem to be playing it safe, making Diana Prince a corporate executive who must balance that life with her superheroine duties. With a princess/Amazonian warrior/ambassador/tough gal who can hold her own against Superman, this could be a great series with action, drama and Greek mythology. It could, but it appears that it won’t.

The costume is somewhat similar to artist Jim Lee’s redesign, but without the jacket and black pants, and a daring increase in the shiny factor.

Adrienne Palicki (Friday Night Lights, Legion) plays Wonder Woman, with Cary Elwes and Elizabeth Hurley also starring. It’s produced by David E. Kelley. (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal). The pilot is being filmed now.