And Here It Is-Wonder Woman’s TV Costume

Blue pants? Man. The more I see about this, the more inclined I am to think that it’s being made for teenage girls. Strong, action driven female characters on TV are rare, with Buffy and Sarah Connor being two obvious examples, but Warner Bros. seem to be playing it safe, making Diana Prince a corporate executive who must balance that life with her superheroine duties. With a princess/Amazonian warrior/ambassador/tough gal who can hold her own against Superman, this could be a great series with action, drama and Greek mythology. It could, but it appears that it won’t.

The costume is somewhat similar to artist Jim Lee’s redesign, but without the jacket and black pants, and a daring increase in the shiny factor.

Adrienne Palicki (Friday Night Lights, Legion) plays Wonder Woman, with Cary Elwes and Elizabeth Hurley also starring. It’s produced by David E. Kelley. (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal). The pilot is being filmed now.

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