Marvel At Starbucks And DC On TV

Some very impressive team-ups have been announced in the last day. Marvel is partnering with all 6,800 Starbucks coffee shops across America to give customers free (browsing, presumably) access to their growing Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited library. Good work Marvel! Hopefully this gets newbies in to comics. More info right here. Maybe if they did this last year Starbucks wouldn’t have had to close all those stores! Doubtful.

DC are making the most of their restructuring and desire to grow closer to their film and TV arm, by having their own TV show on the Cartoon Network called DC Nation. It won’t be until next year, with CN also hosting the ThunderCats remake and Green Lantern animated series, but this is a grand idea. I always thought a comics show would work. We don’t know many details, but I guess there would be looks at DC related films and TV shows, plus interviews with writers and artists of their comics. More info here.