Great Batman Covers For June

After moving house on the weekend, and not having the internet at the new place just yet, I am relying on a pre-paid wireless dongle thingy. It’s been somewhat freeing to have no net access for 3 days though, but when you see stuff like this, it makes you thankful for the joys of the web. All pics below are covers from DC’s June releasing Batman related comics and the last one is J.H Williams III’s cover for April’s Batman Inc. #5.

To see all of DC’s June products go here. There’s heaps of goodies coming up in 2 month’s time┬áincluding 20 Flashpoint tales, consisting of one-shots (like Grodd of War, and Green Arrow Industries) and 3 ish minis (like Lois Lane and the Resistance, and Deadman and the Flying Graysons). The titles alone have me giddy with Elseworlds-like flashbacks.