Green Lantern Toy and Game

Details of the first of the upcoming figures tying into June’s Green Lantern film are now out. There’s 2814 of these made (because that’s the number of the sector Hal patrols), showing actor Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, with a wearable ring, from Mattel. Also at the same site you can discover more details of the tie-in game, called Rise of the Manhunters, which goes on sale on June 1.

The costume on the figure looks the best we’ve seen so far and I’d imagine it’d be pretty close to the final version in the film, and the game intrigues me as it’s Hal teaming up with his mentor Sinestro to fight the Manhunters, who were basically the Guardians of the Universe’s first attempt at galactic justice before they realised aliens with rings are better than robots.

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