Entry Level: November 2010

Hit the ground floor running with this selection covering a mass of genres for the discerning reader. If you’re tired of convoluted epics that make no sense to the newbie, these books will give you a good place to start, or add to, your graphic habit, whether they be the first issue of a new series, or a collection worthy of that lonely coffee table. Here’s a list of some of November’s best.

Tron: Betrayal GN


There’s also a 2 issue movie adaptation, but I never really see the point in those, unless you want to see the film’s plot a month before it hits cinemas. Otherwise Betrayal is the way to go. Written by Jai Nitz, with art by Andie Tong, this 128 pager follows Sam Flynn and his cohorts as they strive to end Clu’s reign in the cyber realm.

Kull: The Hate Witch

Dark Horse

Perhaps Robert E. Howard’s most famous creation after Conan, Kull is a King in this new 4 ish mini-series by David Lapham  (Stray Bullets) and Gabriel Guzman (Predators). Sword and sorcery adventure.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales

Dark Horse

One of TV’s best shows, Buffy has created many new followers in comics form, as the official continuation of the telly hit. This TPB collects a variety of one-shots and complete mini-series from Buffy creator Joss Whedon, actor Amber Benson, TV scribe Jane Espenson and more, with art by Andy Owens, Steve Lieber and others.

Spider-Girl #1


In her fancy new duds teenager Arana Corazon is the new Spider-Girl, as brought to you by Paul Tobin and Clayton Henry. 40 pages with an extra 8 page back-up tale.

Chaos War: Chaos King #1


This is a tie-in to Marvel’s latest multi-title epic, but is worth a look due to the return of acclaimed fantasy artist Michael Kaluta to mainstream comics. The story is about the gods of Silver Surfer’s homeworld and their protection of Erath from the titular King.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #150


I’m not an avid follower of Marvel’s more streamlined Ultimates line of titles, but this anniversary issue (as well as the 10th anniversary of the Ultimate line) looks to be a winner. Original architect Brian Michael Bendis is on board, as are a whole swag of artists such as David LaFuente, Skottie Young, Jamie McKelvie and more. It also includes a reprint of Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special #1 and features guest appearances by Iceman, Thing, Kitty Pryde and more.

Axe Cop Vol. 1

Dark Horse

The internet hit comes to the printed page. 120 black and white pages of zany adventures. 5 year old Malachai Nicolle writes and older brother/cartoonist Ethan draws. Crazy, but it works wonderfully.

Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki TPB

Udon Entertainment

From writer Jim Zubkavich (Skullkickers) and with the frenetic art of Omar Dogan comes this collection of the 4 ish mini-series focused on Japanese high schooler/ninja Ibuki. Light hearted action and drama.

Batman, Inc. #1

DC Comics

Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette launch a new title starring the original Batman Bruce Wayne as he travels the globe for new soldiers in his crusade.

Halcyon #1 (formerly called Utopian)

Image Comics

Marc Guggenheim, Tara Butters, Ryan Bodenheim and Mark Englert bring a great looking and ambitious series which asks what happens after the superheroes of the world win and now face a crime-free world.


G.I. Joe: Future Noir Special #1


A new 2 ish mini by Andy Schmidt and Giacomo Bevilacqua with an anime influenced style. Starring Duke and Scarlett against the COBRA cult. 56 pages!

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