JawBite Debuts

Comics news interests me far more than tech news (unless it’s possibly related to gaming), but this sounds pretty cool. Read on for the official info.

JawBite Delivers the First Free Service to Update Social Networks from Any Phone with Simple Voice Commands

Users experience real-time, audible review before posting with a 99% accuracy rate

Thing5, a provider of voice solutions, announced the launch of JawBite today. JawBite is a free service that allows consumers to update their social online content, including Facebook and Twitter, with just a phone call. JawBite is quick, accurate, efficient and empowers participation from any phone – landline or mobile, with or without data plans. With the option to review all content before it is posted, JawBite is the first-to-market technology that offers this level of sophistication and ease for consumers to communicate digitally via their voice and any phone.

Key Facts:

  • Thing5, the company behind JawBite, developed the free service that extends well beyond today’s conventional voice recognition products.
  • Using it is simple. Users register on the JawBite web site at www.jawbite.com, call a number from any phone, speak their updates and hang-up. Updates are transcribed and posted with an audio file attached so that posts can be heard and read. The users phone becomes a microphone, capturing any spoken words or sounds they wish to share.
  • JawBite offers freedom, ease, an ability to share audio content and a 99% accuracy rate that empowers users to communicate digitally regardless of the phone platform.
  • With more than 600 dedicated servers, JawBite’s service and accuracy can scale to support millions of users. Operating as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering in the cloud, JawBite enables a safe, productive and flexible interaction platform.


David Thor, Managing Director, Thing5 LLC:

“We are offering JawBite to meet the needs of today’s social consumer. Eliminating the need for a computer or even a keyboard, we built JawBite to help users connect on their favorite social sites from any phone at any time. JawBite users are free to say what they want to say and record the sounds they experience, knowing that with our full review option they can share with confidence.”


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